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Kepare Salon
(831) 359-4253
Kepare Salon
(831) 359-4253
      Eyelash extensions are a great way to enhance natural beauty while eliminating the step of applying mascara day to day.  Semi-permanent individually placed eyelash extensions are professionally applied lash by lash with a special adhesive.  This creates the appearance of thicker, longer, more beautiful lashes, using quality faux mink extensions.
     With a short consultation, our eyelash artist Amber is able to strategically place your extensions to give the desired look that will be customized to your eye shape.  Amber offers black which gives a polished mascara look, and a mix of black and brown for a more natural look.
     Upkeep is simple with only a couple of fills per month as the natural lash sheds and new lashes are produced.  Eyelash extensions are perfect for special events and everyday life to accentuate your eyes!
      Eyelash Extensions

Kepare Salon

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(831) 359-4253
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